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ISDI is a business school in the field of digital education. One of their programs called Digital Master in Business Administration and it is aimed at young people. In collaboration with the program manager and the art director I created info graphic for a wall paper. Client: ISDI Program: Illustrator


Stanley Security is an international company which produces tools and electronic devices. For the annual campaigns of 2018 and 2019 I made some small illustrations. The emblem should work for small uses, like business cards, as well as for larger formats, like presentations on big screens. The slogan in 2018 was “Rocket 2.0”, in 2019 “Rock it”. Client: Stanley Security …


The personal change stages of John Fisher is an analysis of how individuals deal with personal change and it is a well-known instrument in the field of change management in companies. The video clip should explain the different moods the person goes through in a funny way. Personal project for a call for tender.